1.What is Neobux ?

Neobux is a PTC site that pays you for clicking their advertisments . It has been online since 2008 and it is still online today . So , 5 years of intense activity and all users being paid make Neobux the best PTC site .
They also have live support ( where you talk with an admin/moderator/neobux crew ) eveytime the crew have time to do this . Their crew is very gentle and kind , and the forum comunity is the same .

2.How i can earn money with Neobux ?

You can earn money with Neobux by clicking their ads eveyday . You can also do micro jobs which are a good income that helps you a lot in your first 15 days . Doing this will take a lot of time and you will probably give up soon . You can earn by clicking adc and do microjobs somewhere between 1$-5$ / month .

3.But you said i can make 12,000$ / year ...

That was the slow method that isn't profitable at all . Now let's go the the REAL MEHOD.

4.Neobux method for working at home 

  1. Join Neobux with this link : http://www.neobux.com/?rh=4B6168756E6174696269 ;
  2. Click adc eveyday and do micro jobs in order to make your first dollar ;
  3. When you have your 1$ , you can start renting 3 refferals ( 0.60$ ). Some people get the 3 refferals when they have 0.60$ in their main ballance which is a fatal error that can ruin your start . You wont have enough money to keep your refferals on . So the best way is to make 1$ and then start renting . Evey ad a refferal click is 0.005$ which will be transfered to your main balance .
  4. After you get the 3 refferals you enable Autopay , a great tool that saves you money by taking a comision of your refferal every day it clicks . In other words , if your refferal is active , he will pay himself . As long as he clicks ads every day , it will be your rented refferal .
  5. Rent 3 refferals every week and when you have 9 , you can start renting 5 refferals evey week as your income will be more consistent .
  6. Repeat this until you get 300 rented refferals (maximum for standard member) .
  7. Wait some days until you get 90$ and buy Golden membership . You get 0.01$ for every click your rented refferal clicks , so your income will be doubled .
  8. At 2000 refferals you can start cashing out as your income will be huge .
  9. If you want more  , upgrade to Ultimate and make 4000 rented refferals ( maximum ).
  10. You can rent more refferals but you need to be placed in a queue .
5. Let's do some maths !
0.015 $/day per refferal
3 refferals =0.043 $/day
30 refferals = 0.43 $/day
300 refferals = 4.3 $/day
3000 refferals = 43 $/day

Whith this method you can earn more than 43$ per day in 5-9 months since registration . Patience is the most important in these 5-9 months as you wont get a billionare over night , but with 15 mins everyday it can be possible .